Daniel Mowry
Buena Vista, Virginia
Commonwealth's Attorney Candidate

Dedicated to serving the citizens of Buena Vista!

At a Glance

Serving The Community

"Main Street" Buena Vista, Virginia

I will ensure that crimes committed within the City are vigorously prosecuted. I will give renewed focus to drug crimes, domestic violence, and crimes affecting children. 

I will provide a voice to all victims, with a clear vision of justice. 

I will ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors to the City. 

I will engage with community partners to forge new relationships and strengthen existing relationships to better serve the community. 

As Commonwealth's Attorney, I will

Daniel Mowry
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Buena Vista Commonwealth's Attorney

1. Never forget that I serve you.
2. Work diligently to protect this community from violence.
3. Bring focus to the office.
4. Protect the Constitution by ensuring the fair and equal treatment of all.
5. Vigorously prosecute crimes involving drugs, domestic violence, and harm to children.
6. Provide a voice to all victims of crime.
7. Focus on installing positive change in our young generation.

8. Work with community partners to make improvements to the City's criminal justice system, saving community resources while increasing the safety of our City.  

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This is a grassroots campaign for making a difference in Buena Vista. The Campaign is not accepting funds from donors outside of the community, as it is my opinion that outsiders to our community should not be influencing our City. 

If you need a campaign sign, wish to discuss issues of importance to you, or wish to donate or volunteer please contact the political campaign at (540) 280-7229.