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I will vigorously pursue those who distribute drugs in our community. I believe that our community would benefit from further prevention efforts and plan to involve community partners in prevention programs tailored to our youth. 

I will also focus on using community resources to help those struggling with addiction. I will seek to create a Drug Court program so that those individuals who truly desire to overcome their addiction have the most help possible. 

Domestic Violence


Domestic violence has become ever more prevalent in our community. The effects of domestic violence are profound. Children who witness domestic violence are much more likely to have difficulty learning in school and suffer from increased likelihood of drug and court involvement. 

Our community has lost too many to the effects of domestic violence. As your Commonwealth's Attorney I will give a voice to all victims and will ensure that domestic violence has no place in our community. 

Crimes Affecting Children


Our children are our most important community resources. Children are so full of life and provide much joy to their families.  However, far too often children in our community are harmed by those who commit evil. 

As your Commonwealth's Attorney I will ensure that those who seek to harm our children are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let me be clear, that if you harm a child in Buena Vista, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office under my watch would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. 

The Constitution


The United States Constitution is the greatest governing document the world has ever known. In our Country, the state belongs to the people because of this document and its ideas.  

As Commonwealth's Attorney I will work for you, as you are my boss. I will zealously guard and protect the protections enshrined in the Constitution. 


The Second Amendment


I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and am a gun owner, using our right to hunt and target shoot.  As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment I will vigorously prosecute criminals who use firearms. Every time that a firearm is used in a crime the 2nd Amendment rights of lawful gun owners are undermined. This is because those who oppose the 2nd Amendment use the acts of few to advance curtailing our rights.  Criminals disregard the law, why should lawful gun owners be punished?


Fiscal Responsibility


 I understand that you, the taxpayer, funds the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. Every item used by the Office is paid for with money from your pocket. 

As Commonwealth's Attorney I will work diligently to find cost savings so that our tax dollars are put to work effectively and efficiently. I will actively seek all available funding sources to assist in reducing costs to the taxpayer, both in my office and in partnership with law enforcement.